Inaki Williams admits he feels more Ghanaian after recent visit

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Inaki Williams

Inaki Williams has admitted that he feels more of a Ghanaian following his recent visit to the country.

The Athletic Club forward was part of the latest players to have switched nationalities to represent Ghana ahead of the next international window.

Before his recent announcement, Inaki, who was born in Spain to Ghanaian parents had rejected call-ups to represent the country, confirming to the Guardian that he didn’t feel Ghanaian enough to feature for the Black Stars.

“I admire and love Ghana, the food, tradition. My parents are from Accra, and I really enjoy going. Ghana tried to convince me, but I was born in Spain, in Bilbao. I won’t ever forget my family roots, but I feel Basque and can’t con anyone. I would be comfortable with Ghana, I’m sure, but I shouldn’t be there.

“But I wasn’t born or raised there, my culture’s here, and there are players for whom it would mean more. So I don’t think it would be right to take the place of someone who really deserves to go and who feels Ghana 100%.” Williams added.

However, following Inaki and his younger brother, Nico Williams’ recent trip to Ghana in an attempt to “connect with their roots”, he has decided to play for Ghana.

He confirmed during an interview with TV3, citing he “feels more Ghanaian now”.

“Yes, I was confused before but since I came here [Ghana] and saw all the people and all the things that I don’t see in Spain,” he said.

“Seeing the people is very important and they love me, they take photos of me and encourage me to play for Black Stars.

“It was beautiful playing with Spain. I have lived all my life in Spain but I don’t forget Ghana. Ghana is a special country because my parents are here, and my blood is here.”

“Ghana is here in my heart because I enjoy this country. I see my people, I see my parents. My parents are Ghanaians and I am a Ghanaian,” he added.

Inaki is expected to make his Black Stars debut during the 2023 AFCON qualifiers in September.


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