Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia optimistic of increased slots after COVID-19

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Ghana’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Mohammed Habib Tijani, is optimistic that the quota for Ghanaian pilgrims for Hajj will be increased after the COVID-19 pandemic has eased.

Three thousand and sixty nine places were allotted for this year’s pilgrimage although over twenty thousand people applied.

“There was no way everybody could be in Hajj this year. We are praying that Allah should make it possible and take away the COVID pandemic so that in subsequent years we will have full capacity and possibly more than the six thousand capacity we have been getting,” the Ambassador noted.

Some Muslim pilgrims expected to travel to Mecca expressed disappointment in their leadership for being left stranded at the Accra Hajj Village for hours.

Though they had fulfilled all the necessary requirements, they were unable to make the pilgrimage due to limited slots.


The Ghana Hajj Board, which is in charge of pilgrims’ affairs, has already promised a refund of monies to the prospective pilgrims who could not make it to Saudi Arabia.

Hajj Pilgrimage: Ghana's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia optimistic of increased slots after COVID-19

Officials of the Hajj Board explained that accommodation arrangements for Ghanaian pilgrims have so far been satisfactory, but they will work to address a few remaining concerns.

Director of Finance on the Hajj Board, Alhaji Farouk Hamza, explained that, “we have taken note of few concerns that are normal and they are being resolved”.

“Generally, we are happy about the state in which we have found our pilgrims,” he added.

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